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The City of the Golden Sun

Author: Marilyn Peake
Genre: Young Adults
Reviewed by Kevin Tipple

10290403Picking up right where The Fisherman's Son left off, this sequel proves to be just as enjoyable and well written with no let down at all in reading quality. This second installment of a planned trilogy finds Wiley O'Mara and the six children he rescued from the city at the bottom of the ocean back on dry land. Wiley is faced with the challenge of explaining their presence in his small village. He also is faced with explaining to the boys how things work now and with helping them to adjust to their new surroundings.

As Wiley makes plans to obtain food and clothing for the boys of various ages and temperaments, he begins to realize just how daunting his task of assimilating the kids will be. He soon realizes that a neighboring village some distance away but reachable, might be the best place for the boys. To get there they will have to pass through the magical forest that borders the area. The boys' disbelief in such things is quickly vanquished when they meet the magical Lucinda who tells them to go back to the ocean and wait for Elden. The quest has begun.

What follows is a rich fantasy tale of exploration as the boys go back in time to The City of the Golden Sun. As before, the writing is clear, the descriptions compelling, and the tale vivid as most of the action takes place in the distant past in a time that could have been. Like the first book, this sequel appeals to young and old.

Like The Fisherman's Son, this fun story is perfect for the pre-teen reader. With a minimum of violence, plenty of action, and lots of history, as well as a continuing appreciation for nature, beauty and magic, the reader is swept away. Wiley's maturity as a character continues to grow and this sequel follows nicely the original novel with no gaps in the tale or changes in writing style.


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